Someone tell me this is just a really bad dream.

Been playing Gangplank all day trying to get him to work but he's just fucking horrid. How did a champ go from Critplank Tankplank Magicplank Supportplank Jungleplank Carryplank Bankplank To Wankplank Is there anything redeemable about him? He was one of my mains and now he's just this pile of wank that shits out barrels everyone instakills and does 0 fucking damage on anything else in his kit. Has Riot played him in an Aram? Where his barrels are even more useless and there's no way to upgrade his ult because everyone takes the minions but each upgrade still costs 500? I welcome reworks and releases but what the hell is this shit? I've tried to give it a chance. Tried to power through it but he's completely shit now. This is meant to be the flagship character for this pirate thing but he hosts a gamemode he's completely useless on. He may aswell be a poro. ----------IN REPLY TO CRITICISMS---------- Some of the comments talking about his old E being useless. Are you high? 40AD Steroid to nearby teamates aswell as movespeed boost. This is 80AD technically if you have crits which you and the carry would be running. This is what made support plank a decent pick and what I mained outside of top lane. This kept his damage relevant alone and helped the carry if they fell behind or wanted to play aggressive or for that little boost in helping the jungler take dragons. What do his barrels do instead? They get destroyed instantly without the enemy even having to think twice about them. If you do want to use them to get the parlay effect on a minion wave they aren't even strong enough if maxed out first to ever accomplish that. You'd need a tiamat to weaken the wave which is pointless fucking around which is all these barrels accomplish. His ultimate used to slow and do decent damage. But nothing crazy since the AP nerf (But it still felt like yknow... an ultimate move) Now it does a measly 90 damage a volley at level 16 with a non existent slow without the 500 serpents upgrade. Say you never leave your fucking lane and get those and buy the True Damage upgrade you get that initial blow out and the slight slow finally giving it some utility, until that point the ult is only good on creeps if that. And you don't even get serpents because it doesn't count as a parlay kill. The attack speed upgrade is fucking pointless without the slow first since the rapid fire doesn't even begin at the start of the volley but halfway through after everyone with a sense of consciousness has already fucked off out the circle. His Q feels like it did before but without the E passive it's kinda pissweak. His W is the only thing about the kit that made any sense and helps a Tankplank who stacks HP. Which I guess is all he might be bloody decent at now. Being a health bar.
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