Dear Riot, please don't kill 3v3

Hello, I just wanted to write this post because, after reading that Q&A from Riot I'm starting to seriously worry about Twisted Treeline. Let me just say that TTL is my favorite game mode on League, I enjoy so much playing on a 3 man team, with people I know and care about (or also with randoms), discuss strategies, playing as a cohesive unit, being a team that wins or lose together. TTL is all about team play, objectives focus, rotations, etc. Is a really dynamic and fast phased map. I have learned so much about the game on this little map (map awereness, rotations, sieging, etc), that the fact of me reading that you guys think it should be a rotating game mode makes me really sad. There is a 3v3 Comunity (and is a big one) that loves to play this mode, there is a lot of people that loves to go to rankeds and play competitive in this mode (and now you are limiting the time we have to go play rankeds?) I just don't understand how having 3v3 affects the Rift, don't we have enough players playing LoL? We can't afford to have 2 big game modes? Instead of thinking about killing this game mode, you guys might want to think about improving it. I never saw "big" problems with Que times, neither in Ranked nor in Normals matches; yes the MMR was kinda odd, but as i said, Is not about the enemy having diamonds, is about how good you can play as a team. So Riot, this is the only thing i ask you for, don't discontinue my most beloved game mode please, or I might be gone with it as well... TL&DR: Please Riot, think about how to improve Twisted Treeline and stop thinking about how to make it a "rotating mode" a.k.a Killing it. There is a lot of players who love this map more than the Rift
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