6.8 Summary

#**Champions:** {{champion:245}} -**Base numbers on W's Execute and E's Damage nerfed, AP Ratio up to compensate. W also has a minimum damage to minions and monsters, however currently unclear if this is a always active buff, or only kicks in below the 30% HP threshhold. ** **Implications - **Tank Ekko will likely fall a bit, but will still be super strong early. Will probably remain a very strong early and mid game powerhouse, but will fall off late game harder than he did, which is pretty big given he is pretty much a stun and slow bot in late game fights. W damage up with 200+AP, E damage up with 50/75/100/125/150+ AP. **Predictions - **Tank Ekko will still be strong, but not as OP as on live. AP Ekko will have a slightly rougher early game, but not by much. AP Ekko technically buffed, however probably won't be someone to look out for since he will still get shafted in lane. {{champion:3}} **Movespeed up at early ranks, mana cost down at all ranks.** **Implications - **Straight up buffs rank 1-4, movespeed down very slightly at rank 5. **Predictions - ** Galio is honestly pretty underrated, and this change might be what he needs to push himself back in to the meta, however he won't be top tier. Especially after the MYMU with the addition of the mage mobility item to offer him additional initiation, expect to see him on a somewhat regular basis, even if it's just as a counterpick. Does a crap load of damage while building tank, but will currently still suffer from his mana problems early and his garbage tier AAs. {{champion:104}} **AAs deal less damage per bullet at all levels, with this effect being more accentuated with each level. Crits fire fewer bullets, and crit damage no longer scales the number of bullets fired. Instead, crits on Graves deal 140% damage, or 160% with an IE. ** **Implications - ** Slightly less damage at close range, but (although this wasn't in the patch notes however was one of the changes on the PBE so may have made it in but just wasn't documented) has a tighter cone on crit, so hitting anyone other than super big tanks will likely be up ever so slightly if they're a short distance from him due to eating more pellets. Will be slightly less mobile than he was when critting due to how his dash is reduced per pellet hit, but he hits harder, especially with an IE. **Predictions - ** Graves ADC as a top tier contested pick, would not be surprised to see him as a pick/ban, given he was a strong ADC before the changes and these are pretty big buffs for ADC Graves. Top and jungle slightly nerfed. {{champion:96}} **Q Resistance shred up early, scales to the same as it was. W on hit reduced massively early, slightly at rank 5. ** **Implications - ** God bless. Kog was actually really OP this gone patch, but fortunately flew under the radar for a lot of players. Will probably be someone you can actually mess with early on even if you're not a hyper lane bully, won't just auto kill your whole team if you leave him up for a few seconds, and Q won't be worthless early any more. Before you'd put two points in E at level 4, and wouldn't skill it until level 13. Probably worth something now. **Predictions - ** Transitions in to a niche pick to counter fat tanks when he's with a team that can protect him. Will be in a healthier spot either way, and not just a "Oh god they have a Kog, it's not even minute 1 and the game is probably over already." {{champion:11}} **R CD up, base duration down and duration on champion take down up.** **Implications - ** His R almost has a cooldown now, but not quite. Probably won't end up just ulting to rush a Dragon or Baron due to the reduced duration and increased cooldown. If he gets 1 kill/assist he ends up at the ult duration on live, any more and he gets a longer ult than on live. Splitpushing and early game weakened, but teamfighting will likely be much stronger. **Predictions - ** Still a decent pick, if he falls out of favour it will be due to indirect changes, so I don't anticipate him going anywhere. {{champion:21}} **AS duration of W up but no longer can be extended, CD up but now begins on cast and applying her passive to a target reduces W's CD** **Implications - ** Sizable buff to her single target damage, slight nerf to AOE damage gameplay patterns. Overall a buff IMO. **Predictions - ** She's making her way back. Will become a contested ADC due to her strong laning and teamfighting. Might struggle against hyper tanks due to her slightly sub par single target damage, but will still be very strong generally. {{champion:2}} ** W lifesteal up significantly early, same at max rank. Ult passively grants 10 more Armour/MR per rank.** **Implications - ** Do not expect a change in skill max, and he'll be slightly stronger in lane. Mid-Late game will be pretty much the same. **Predictions - ** Probably an upper-mid tier pick for top lane, particularly in to tanks. {{champion:68}} ** R CD down, Q deals full damage to minions** **Implications - ** R CD is nice, but the big news here is the Q damage to creeps. Rumble struggles big time with keeping up to pace with other top lane champions. Not only is he rather fragile and easily caught if he's overextended, meaning he can't really do anything if a wave is in a bad spot, but he just farms really slowly. He typically needs multiple rotations of Q to clear a wave, so he just falls behind in gold and xp a lot of the time, especially since he tends to rush MPen instead of raw AP, which is useless against minions. I think he'll still need a few tweaks to Equaliser's scaling, but major step in the right duration for Rumble. **Predictions - ** He'll return in to the meta for top lane at the higher levels, and will be a lot stronger in the mid game due to an easier time farming items, how will still have the same problems he's always had in the late game. Also his Q will now push lane a lot harder, so junglers break out the tents. {{champion:44}} **Rework going live** **Predictions- ** I feel he will be very very very strong against melee champions, so I expect to see him as a contested top laner, and potentially as a niche support to spoon feed an ADC through lane or to counter a certain enemy bot lane. Due to his mediocre jungle clearing and unreliable ganks, I don't see him being anything other than a for fun jungler. --------------------------------------------------- #**Items:** {{item:3025}} ** Sheen damage lowered slightly ** **Implications - ** Still a rather strong item, but the Meta Golem's stranglehold on the meta will be slightly loosened coupled with the minor nerfs to Grasp. {{item:3139}} ** Costs down by 100, but -10 AD** **Implications - ** Still going to be a really strong item, but will be slightly more of a "Do I need this?" instead of a "Of course I do" item that it currently is. {{item:2033}} ** Health per charge down 25, Mana up 25** **Implications - ** Reasonable buff to casters due to the 75 extra mana in total, but the 75 less health will mean slightly less staying power in lane. If you can fight your opponent this is probably a slight buff on the balance of things, but if you were purchasing CP to try survive lane, this was nerfed a reasonable amount. ---------------------------------------------------- #**Masteries:** **Feast - CD up to 30 seconds.** **Implications - ** Won't really make a massive difference. Due to the timing of waves it was tricky to get more than one proc per wave, especially if you were playing from behind in the lane and had to be allowed CS by your opponent. Still a fine mastery if you don't want DES or EW. **Cookies - Less health on use, more mana on use. ** **Implications - ** Refer to Corrupting Potion. **Grasp - Proc scales slightly less with HP. ** **Implications - ** Love taps. Meta Golem will be slightly weaker, but won't really make a world of difference. -------------------------------------------------------- #**Patch Titans:** **Top - ** Rumble and Olaf deserve attention due to their buffs and may become staples for discussed reasons. Aside from meta champions, Sion and Kayle have been sleepers for a while, and while the Meta Golem nerfs will hurt him slightly, both will likely still be very potent picks if you want to pick them up. Taric may also show his face as a respectable top lane tank upon release, so watch closely. **Jungle- ** Kindred remains untouched, and will likely sit on top of the food chain for the most part. A slew of other junglers will remain strong and viable, and the Jungle meta is just too diverse to really go over here, however I will bring up one champion I expect to see, particularly in higher ratings, and that is Nunu. I feel Nunu is exceedingly strong, and has an obscenely large impact on games, especially with the new dragons that just got announced which will be incredibly powerful to control, something Nunu is exceptional at. Hail Satan! **Mid- ** Unless I'm mistaken there were absolutely no real changes to mid lane, so expect the meta to remain the same. Again, Kayle is a very potent pick and while I do feel she is a really really strong top laner, mid lane Kayle is rather strong, particularly in to certain match ups or compositions. Zed also got a nerf in the form of a bugfix, where using his shadow gave him a burst of AD, so he'll be a bit weaker since 20 AD is massive in lane. **ADC- ** Kog will no longer be a disgusting vomit comet of terror, but will likely linger due to the prevalence of certain tanky champions in the top/jungle meta. Graves ADC might see a resurgence, particularly as a kill laner anti-carry. I expect people to start to shy away from Lucian, at least until the tank meta comes to an end, and instead start to pick up Sivir a bit more. In combination with Sivir, Twitch and Ashe having been severely under-appreciated for a while, and I strongly believe Twitch shall become a contested pick in the near future. **Support- ** Do I really have to say it? Due to the fact that they have received no nerfs, Janna and Soraka will continue to reign supreme, head and shoulders above the rest of the support pool. Taric will likely find his way in to the support role, and while I think he'll be good, his kit looks rather healthy such that, unless his numbers are horrendously overtuned, I don't see him dethroning Janna or Soraka any time soon. -------------- Thanks for reading. If you want to read the patch notes yourself, [go here](http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-68-notes), otherwise, thanks for making it this far, and let me know your opinions.
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