I just played on a silver smurf EUW account...

I'm diamond here on EUNE and wanted to try out smurf account on EUW. Now this isn't some which server is better type of shit, it's just that my smurf is on EUW, nothing else. I'm not gonna lie, that was one of my worst experiences I had in past few months and I had some pretty rough shit going on. I had 19 kills on my main champ, but the stuff my team did, from 2 farming bot in 30 mins while they push our mid, or my mid lane yasuo pushing top while I'm trying to defend off my nexus 4v5. I thought diamond was bad because players tend to feed sometimes, but holy fuck.. I appreciate even the feeders now in diamond, because they have common sense about the game. My sincere condolences to players under plat. I'm glad I carried myself from that sink hole a long time ago.
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