Is Ashe really that bad right now?

Ashe was always one of my favorite ADCs... she's cool and I love the theme of the icy arrows, but right now, when I pick her I feel like I'm doing so much less dmg than my opponent... I mean even when I'm ahead, the other ADCs can burst me so easy with less items, while all I can do is pray for a good initiation with my ult... I know Ashe ult is amazing to set up winning teamfights, but come on, so is Varus ult and I don't see Varus having so little dmg... I think Ashe needs a bit of a buff on her dmg and maybe a little less CC to compensate? She's so slow, so easy to kill for the enemy carries and bruisers... At least give her some great carry potential to make people really believe in her as an ADC... Right now when I see Ashe on the enemy team all I think is "free win... freelo for me" I don't know if this just how I see her and I'm wrong... I just don't feel good when I play her... I feel like I'm not the reason my team is winning or losing the fight and I've tried all the possible builds (Essence Reaver build, Infinity first build, Bork+Cleaver build... everything) I'm really trying to make sense of this because I love Ashe... so some help would be appreciated :)
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