Am I the only one who thinks Preaseason 6 ruined this game?

I don't feel like playing this game anymore... There were days when I was in school thinking "God, I can't wait to come home and play a game of League" Then Season 5 came I was like "Eh, let's play some League" Then Preseason 6 came and I was like "I can't stand this game" I know I'm not the only one because my whole class and most of my real-life friends think that the preaseason changes are a disaster.. maybe not in a strategic way.. who knows maybe you made the game better? But, I'm one of the players who plays this game for fun. And learning to play a whole new game every goddamn preseason is becoming irritating. I'm still playing, but I'm not enyoing it. I play it just because I have nothing else to do. You changed every goddamn item.. Half of the champions. MASTERIES that I have no fukin idea how to make.. How am I suppoused to play? Since this is a new beggining, I may just start that beggining in some other game.. Season 3 I miss you :'( No Hate, No Offense, but my days of enjoying in LoL are most likely over... **EDIT:** Wow, had no idea this thread will drag so much attention. I'm glad (well actually sad) I'm not the only one who doesn't enjoy this game anymore :/
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