So is Urgot the first champion to be removed from the game?

To clear things out, i understand why he was reworked, but they kept NOTHING, and i mean NOTHING from the Urgot that i knew and enjoyed playing that made him unique. His gameplay style is completely gone now, and what is left behind is a new champion. This is NOT Urgot. This is a new champion with Urgot's name slapped on it. Heck, even got an updated lore. So why am i making this post? I enjoyed playing old Urgot, even if he wasn't the best, he had a place in some games, and even if he didn't, i just found him fun once in a while and I even got level 7 on him, i eventually became good at him and exploited him in some ranked games. I don't say Urgot did not need a rework, all i say is that riot should've kept a part of the old Urgot in the game. Every reworked champion got that besides Urgot, so we can't say this is Urgot anymore. So why did you do it? Why did you decide to get completely rid of him? Did you guys really have no idea how to keep some of his unique playstyle? I am now sitting with mastery level 7 on a champion that i think is unfun to play in my opinion, and that i do not like playing at all. I see how well that worked. EDIT: Some people don't seem to understand me entirely. I don't really care for the fact that he got changed, i could live with that, what i do not like, is that he feels entirely different, and i have no fun playing new urgot. Think about it, one of your favourite champions gets reworked, you have mastery level 7 on him, and when you try out the rework, you don't enjoy it, not at all, you have no fun playing the rework and it also feels entirely different. Do you get what i mean now? I am stuck with mastery level 7 on a champion i will never play again, because i don't enjoy playing new urgot.
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