Tilt and new players

lets talk about tilt for a second...and match balancing I played a game on my smurf(im not defending it I hated my self for doing it I have left it level 20) and we go in a game levels 20 19 15 18 and 10 and we proceed to be rekked by a xayah i can understand the other players not haveing the expirience so i thought she just snow balled but after the game we checked and the xayah was Plat 5 and i remember this level tell played (it haunts me to this day) saying "I wanna enjoy this game but every game so far I get this one lane that just beats us down and I dont wanna keep playing if its always gonna be like this"I mean riot I can understand what he is saying I am the bronzest of the bronze but I go into a game get "rigety rekked son" and I check after the game and its a gold or higher and dont let me get started on ranked my bronze ass got beaten down by plats which were the lowest rank I faced. I have been playing this game for more than six years now first on na then on eu/west so I'm committed to the game but lately just playing against players who either exploit the meta or just know the game so well that I cant beat them is really getting to me. It feels like the game is forcing you into a corner to either pick the meta or get reported for inting. Also lets look at the fact that every person i tried to get hooked on this game dc'd once and then got 5 15 minite afk bans.
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