When will people help the ADC??

Ok so i just had 3 games in a row where i played vayne and wasnt doing too hot i went 2 9 7 when we finished but the point is that whenever i tried to get a kill in teamfights my already full build yasuo and shaco would take them all, they would even flash just to take the kill from me and i asked in chat what they needed gold for since there were full build and they said ''Nothing, u are just useless so why would we give u a kill'' and i said ''because maybe if i got some gold from the shutdowns i would be abloe to get items so i can do damage their answer was ''U are just useless u dont need anything'' Why would people greed so much for kills when there are someone who is behind in their game? PS my cs ability is trash and im not a good vayne but i still try
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