Another Prestige Skin with no way to acquire without spending £115 are you messing?!

So with the release of the "K/DA Ahri Prestige Edition" {{champion:103}} It's become apparent once again that the only way to acquire this skin would be for me to spend £115 in the UK which is $150 USD. £50 for 7920 RP = 3 x 2250 LB (Loot Boxes) = 39 Tokens and 1 x 1125 LB = 6 Tokens - Total = 45 Tokens. Do this twice costing £100 = 90 Tokens Leaving no choice but to spend another £15 for one last 2250 Box for 13 Tokens - Total 103 Tokens for £115. This was exactly the same system for the Prestige Edition 'Bloodmoon Aatrox' Skin {{champion:266}} , and I have no doubt it will be the same for the upcoming Prestige 'Fuzz Fizz' Skin {{champion:105}} currently in PBE. So as a Student Game Developer I want to know Riot, Just what is the rationale behind the pricing of Prestige skins so highly? Considering that apart from Prestige K/DA Akali {{champion:84}} which had some special effects, they have all been for lack of a better word a 'Re-skin' of an existing character model with some maybe even a slight clothing change and a splash border which has been reused since the first Prestige skin. With your team of artists consisting of very talented people as well as even some ex-Blizzard employees, this skin would have taken 1-2 weeks maximum to produce with minimal effort. Why is it that you're not giving players the ability to earn these skins through gameplay as you have done for Prestige Kai'sa {{champion:145}} and Akali {{champion:84}} , Prestige is meant to be something earned not bought. This is an obvious shameless cash grab and I don't know how you can justify a £115 / $150 price tag on any skin currently in the game, especially when even 'Ultimate' skins only cost £20 / $26 and come with a lot more content including; animated splash art, Icons, unique models and probably even borders in future. It's lazy development, and it's criminal pricing, now anyone can comment saying "well you don't have to buy it if you don't like it no one is making you", but the point is people are buying them, for a multitude of reasons, it still doesn't make it right. I would genuinely like to hear back from Riot devs on this, and hopefully, I would like to see something done to improve this situation because, at the moment, you guys are starting to enter the Activision and EA territory to me. Thanks.
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