When Klepto Ez seems REAAALY broken

Team manage to kill bot lane and jng on a L1 invade. First Blood and first wave free into tower for Klepto Ez. Bot lane dumpstered and jungle flattened in one fell swoop. When the scaling rune that is Kleptomancy is gifted an early game, it is literally impossible to deal with. It is a lot like Draven, except you can't shut down the gold snowball, all you can do is try to smash the early so they never get rolling even with Klepto. ___ Just to add ... all my experiences of this rune have not felt like healthy gameplay, it's fun and unique to play with, but not healthy. It's alternately useless and OP depending on how easily your champion can proc it, and since abuse cases like GP and Ezreal exist I'm not sure a good balance point can be reached. It feels like those ancient items Avarice Blade and Philosopher's Stone (Heart of Gold? So long ago) all over again ...
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