Cpu intensive settings

Hello. I guess its not a completely right board, but i want to make a guide for lower end PCs. The thing with league is - a 20$ gpu like gtx 460 is plenty for good 60-80 fps. But cpu's are a different thing, even if they reach good fps, the 1% lows kill the playability. My goal is to test and maybe make a guide for people still stuck with core duos and pretty much 50-100 $ pcs. So to save me some time, maybe anyone know the most intensive cpu settings in league? Or have best guesses, because i am kinda lazy to play so many games ant test all the settings manually on that slow machine e8400, gtx 460. I know for sure that low spec mode of "launcher" gives insane results, if you turn that resource hungry thing once game launches you easily gain 10-15 fps. I already tested it, but whats more? Maybe community have some ideas. Thanks in advance.
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