Why are inters not geting punished?

%%%% you riot rly %%%% you, you %%%%ing rotten greedy ass company that doesn't give a shit about the players. it doesn't matter how good you play all that matters is that who has the most inters, I tried everything from being harsh to being nice with them nothing %%%%ing works. there are games I'm begging them to just stop feeding and let 2 other lanes carry them, still doesn't matter, I %%%%ed my lane trying to help these inters, kill their laner give them XP and cs even get tower but they still just keep running it down, it's fun for them because you fuuucking %%%%%%s allow it, reporting is shit too. I've had some of these creatures being racist even and when I point it out to you(report them) I get chat restricted, just FUUUUCK YOU and your racist %%%%%% employes. to keep people from reaching their goal in game you do your best to keep players below 60% win rate, but FFS this is too much. the second I get 5 win streak the next game it's certain I'm going to have someone int like there is no tomorrow. If this is how you keep players coming back ... BRAVO and %%%% YOU I love this game but god damn do I hate 20% of the players and the ones who allow them to destroy this game I don't mind the ones who are just bad because they at least try and can be carried. I hate so much losing game at first min, and the worst is we all know the game is lost and everyone is just wondering around but 2 and sometimes 3 inters in one game keep us hostage. Dare you give an advice to someone and he will start feeding, some games are just impossible to win, and I don't have time nor the nerves to play 1000+ ranked games, I rly wan't to know for how long NEW players keep playing this game (ranked games) The community is TOXIC and you RIOT are allowing it because these inters know they won't get punished for "having fun" with other players time and nerves From the bottom of my heart Riot........ %%%% YOU (this goes to ppl who manage match making and reports)
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