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Hi all, I just hit level 30 and I am really excited for the upcoming ranked season. My goal is to hit gold! However, I don't feel as if though I am skilled enough to get there yet. I main top/jungle but I'm definitely weaker in the jungle. My primary champions would be Garen/Tryndamere top and Nocturne in the jungle. I can play other champions passably but I'd say these are the only ones I'm comfortable with - to put Tryn in this list is even being generous. What I'd like from you guys is a few suggestions for youtube videos or perhaps articles that give detailed guides on these champions - something that I can seek to emulate in my games. I have been watching a tonne of Jay Sea and Glacierr but I'm not the biggest fan of Glacier and honestly - when it comes to Garen, I find it super hard to pull out a victory if the other lanes are losing hard. Tryndamere however, I feel has great potential. Things I'm working on are: Map awareness, decision making, warding locations, cs, wave management, prioritizing objectives and one thing I particularly struggle with is determining whether or not I can go for an all in - this last point is particularly aimed at Tryndamere - In so many videos Jay Sea just runs the enemy down lane aa'ing until they either die or are forced to back and waste teleport/time getting back to lane. I just don't know when to do this - I've tried and it usually results in me giving first blood. So really guys, I'd love advice and perhaps links to anything that would help me become a better player with these champions - especially if these articles relate to the points I'm weakest on like all-ins, objective priority, decision making. Hopefully this advice will be equally useful to other players who struggle with the same issues that I do.

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