How long will Thresh be benched Riot ?

How long will a true support like {{champion:412}} be benched by mage pseudo-supports like {{champion:90}} and {{champion:143}} ? As Thresh You cant proc properly {{item:3401}} stacks with AA You cant gather {{champion:412}} Souls for passive because you lose half your hp if you try You can barely get a clear line of sight for hook because of all the spawns God forbid you walk in melee range to flay you are dead before you even reach them Pull a teammate with W to enjoy the CC and poke they output If by some God forsaken miracle I manage to convince my teammates to ban them both I get to savor the experience of laning vs a Tank like {{champion:201}} or {{champion:89}} or{{champion:223}} and being just as useless {{champion:412}} is in serious need for some love
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