Nasus not balanced anymore?

I have played a few games against the new Nasus now and it basically tilted me. It was always an Issue to kill him because he has insane amounts of life steal and my wave starts pushing if I autoattack him but sometimes I managed to get him 2 or 3 times and it looked fine. As soon as he hits lvl 6 with hie reworked ultimate I do not see any counterplay against him. I always try to get away from him when he ults but it takes time and he usually gets 1 or 2 qs on me (one right after activating his ult or right after I engage him and the other through his w afterwards because it helps him closing the gap so efficientliy) After his ult runs out I usually think I should reengage him but after 2 qs I am in such bad of a shape that I think it would be a bad idea and it has ended in kills for him frequently. I play camille and quinn top lane and when they pick nasus into that I am basically screwed. The dilemma is that if I play passively he jusst stacks insane amounts of damage on his q but I still can't really pressure him enough to keep him from doing so. My thoughts: Nasus is a late game champ but in his current state he is far too strong when reaching level 6. Even a strong duelist like Camille or Yasuo struggle against his lifesteal and damage as soon as he hits level 6. I have tried building the new bramblevest but it did not seem to help that much. It would be nice to nerf his early game a bit more and reward him for the struggle afterwards, but his mid game is far too stroong atm. Open for opinions though.
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