How to 1v9 Hard Carry?What champions can carry a whole team?

Im silver 3 on EUW,was in my promos for silver 2,i stomped in lane,i got so fed as Yasuo and destroyed the enemy Cassiopeia.But my botlane was losing so hard,they got the inhibtor turret at 10 mins.Our jungler camped them and he fed the enemy bot lane even more.Our toplaner also had a hard time and he could've won lane if he got ganks,but like i said our jungler only ganked bot to "Help".I also got camped since mid was the only winning lane our team had.Even with their Jungler quite ahead and almost fed,i managed quite well.But in the end their botlant got so many objectives and won just because the managed to get all inhibs.Otherwise i destoryed the fed botlane 1v2.And with our support we could 2v4.But we got backdoored and they won.Any tips on how i can abuse my advantage over the enemy with my team feeding?I tried everything and was roaming while losing Mid turrets and objectives just to help.But my team got so behind i lost the game even tho i won lane hard.Any champs except Yasuo that can 1v9 Carry?My primary role is Midlane,im a Toplaner too.Im very bad at ADC and Support.Im a borderline decent Jungler.
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