Just looked up the PBE News from Surrender at 20 and im a bit weired out by dark harvest.

So I just looked up the new PBE update cycle and there were some changes to dark harvest overall the rune got a big update and before there stood like 50-150 base + 4dmg per soul (+1% ad) (+1.5% ap) (+20% bonus ad) (+25% bonus ap) and I understood it like the Soul dmg having a little extra ad and ap scaling but now there stands:Soul harvest stack damage increased from 4 to 6 [Removed] Souls harvest stacks no longer give AD or AP So now im a bit weirded out did the Souls before just scale extra with ad and ap or did they seriously grant you 1% more ad and 1.5% more ap for collecting them? If yes who really thought that it would be balanced to grant someone endlessly stacking free stats from just a rune?
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