Why Rito Changes All Game Mechanics Every Season?

**Just tell me why? I played this game since season2. Every preseason Rito changed so many things such as gameplay, champion kits etc. But last two season (especially this one) Rito exaggerate this shit. If you wanna adapt to new preseason changes, u have to play so much games. U have to learn all champ mechanics, jungle tips, map objectives and more and more... There is so many changes here. If u are asocial, u can play tons of games and u can adapt. But if u play this game for only enjoying and haven't got so much time u suck so much. I was Diamond season5. Last season i couldn't adapt all the changes and i jammed in Platinium elo. Now i think i'll finish this new season in Gold elo. What a shame... ** {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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