"BuT YoU dO iT tOo"

https://bigmemes.funnyjunk.com/pictures/Where+are+your+brainlet+images+fj_d237bc_6691842.jpg Everytime I point out how riot keeps pairing me with inters (wink wink 3/15 jungler trying to solo baron, wink wink 0/9 top, wink wink 1/12 2/13), a flock of ridrones rush to dig into my match history and seize the first negative kda they see and claim "hE Eh GoTcHa yOu dO It aS WeLl", except... That's not how the game works. At all. Because avoiding to die in lane is a lot more simple than doing the same in late game teamfights. End game kda of my last game : https://i.ibb.co/NLtgVnt/end.jpg "ah, see? You fed as much as the rest of the team!" And... No. Same game at 15 mins : https://i.ibb.co/g6mkxMd/beg.jpg What happened is simple : I dominated my lane. I might have done better, but I didn't die a single time and scored 3 assists and a drake (I made the call and did most of the dmg). And the rest of the team fed stupidly. Then, when all lanes started to crumble and we had to teamfight mid, lux only had to hit one Q to kill me. While I would also insta die if leona hit me with one ult, E or Q, same with vi's R, jinx W, heimer's stun... Either I stayed afk in fountain and that was a sure loss, or I tried to defend as possible and I was bound to die a few times. The thing is, that would never have unfolded that way if they didn't feed early! So yeah it looks stupid af when you try to compare an end game kda with actual feeding. It only gives the impression you're trying to find any excuse to defend riot by pointing the finger the other way, aka "whataboutism"
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