Am I the only one who hates this meta?

So I can almost guarantee that there will be so many people calling me bad and all that jazz for making this post but I feel like I need to unwind somehow. So nowadays it feels like no matter how good you play and how hard you try, the better adc will always win no matter what any other role does. Am I picking champions that are not viable or why does it seem like there is nothing I can do if the other adc is ahead. Before, adc was only if the game went to lategame, now the adc does a billion damage before the 30 minute mark. And all the supports dedicated to protect them, are the support players even enjoying this meta where you have to look for your baby adc all day and not engage or have some fun. Is soraka and janna really all that fun to play? Maybe I am bad and don't know how to counter this meta but I cba to play ranked anymore since apparently there is only one deciding factor to the game and that is the adc role. Really hope riot balances the botlane (bear in mind how I didn't say adc, I said botlane) and make the other roles not have to pick a supportive champion to baby sit them. Make other roles relevant and important if they go a carry champion. I legit feel sorry for all the carry junglers because I know as a toplaner who plays carry champions mostly, I know how it feels to not be able to play them because tanks are just way better. The most fun sucking meta I have ever seen in a long time. Even more fun sucking than the tank meta and that says something

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