Bot Rounds Respect?

Short post, need to vent because this happens every single time I play. I usually use bot rounds as my first win of the day to get it quick if I'm short on time, and play one sometimes for a break with no challenge. And I can understand bot rounds are basically just for fun, people can and will do almost anything in them, but there's a limit to that. There's a limit where afking the round, asking people's ranks and insulting them afterward, and especially the one I see most, not calling a lane at the start, but someone else calls a lane, and has every intention of doing that lane for practice or whatever reason, and then someone else decides to join them in the same role, stealing all of the cs, and generally being unpleasant. There's no reason for that. And frankly they should crack down harder on that, because this has happened to me quite a few times in normals as well, if I enter the chat room, and type "Mid" first, grab my lane champion, and lock in, and they don't call anything, or even better, they call the same lane late, say "idc noob" and lock in another mid, and screw over my game, that should result in some form of a punishment, they're screwing over someones game, ruining their time, I don't want a before-match-lane-claim like ranked matches, but I want some form of management on players giving the most basic respect to each other and not over-riding lanes. End of rant. Have a nice day.
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