Current State of Riven, Vi, Fiora and Hecarim

Hey! So i haven't played in a long time. (i believe over a year - whenever the braum trailer was released) I got back into it this weekend and i was wondering about the general State of some champs atm. Particularly the ones mentioned above, since they were pretty much my favourites. I don't really want to play champs that are perceived as, or are legitimately OP, because you tend to get a lot of sh*t for it and i get genuinly bothered by it, guess i am not very thick skinned in that departement. So if someone could give me a short (or long if you like) rundown i'd appreciate it. (Especially about Riven since there are the ones that say she is ridiculously OP and others that say she is "Trash tier" and they haven't seen her "in months" - Also i guess she isn't a viable jungler anymore now that those jungle specific items are out, right?)
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