40+ games in a row

I've dropped from Gold 3 80+ points to Silver 1 with 1 additional loss at the time of writing this. The primary problem on this marvellous journey have been players being there to intentionally ruin games, whether that be after they died 1 - 2 times, or straight up behaving this way from the get go. The fact that these players run freely with 0 consequence as long as they stay silent in chat, and the fact that this have been going on non-stop since I peaked in LP, are really starting to make me feel animosity toward the game, Riot and the players in question. I don't know if this is something tied into having had 1 penality on this account since it started the day after that penalty expired, but something isn't right at all when it happens this frequently! I know I am far from the only one experiencing this judging by forums postings, but the fact that nothing seems to be done about that type of player, can only serve to create more as players get fed up with both the system, and that type (if you can't beat them, join them a'la). It's suppose to be a team-oriented game, yet if you stay silent in chat you can run around starving players of cs in laning, you can steal your junglers camps all day long, you can (with the right champions) drag enemies onto ally players and sit there watching as your team mate dies, run around all over the map spectating and gaining experience just by being in range of minions dying, or you can even run it down any lane ensuring your team mate will get snowballed. I guess I am asking for some _real_ consequences for that specifc type of player, and not some pathetic excuse about bad games or how hard it is to detect those types of players!
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