If you have the bigger premade, you win...

This is an example of Riot's matchmaking and how flawed it is and the current state of the game because Riot allows premades to play. - [Link Here](http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-history) and yet the foreign bastards don't get punished for this in anyway and people wonder why this game is going downhill. Riot either needs to change their matchmaking or stop premades from being able to que with solo players because bullshit like this is what is making new players leave this game. Its a joke how you get 5 man premades in a NORMAL game. Punish the bastards at least. Oh yeah and these "creatures" in typical ungraceful, ill-mannered style, will shout abuse at you and say the game was "Easy". Well of course its easy when you are playing with 4 of your friends and you are all using voice communication programs like discord giving you a CLEAR communication advantage over the other team and yet Riot does nothing about this, again. In its current state, this game is not even worth playing as a solo player because Riot are so desperate to please groups and LCS fans for more money. I want to see only solos matched with solos in EVERY mode to make it fair for players that choose to play alone. Is that really that much to ask for?
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