New honour system disadvantages enchanter supports

I'm a Janna main and I'm finding it hard to pick up as much honour as before. Janna enables carries to do their job, like in my last game, my vayne was 22/7/7 and me 1/2/31 (S). I got 1 honour. This will always happen, because if I do my job as janna - enabling my carry and keeping them alive then they will always perform well and get the honour. And of course, it makes sense for my team to honour the ADC. Some will honour the support maybe if I made a clutch play and saved them or whatever, but in most games enchanter supports will be disproportionately disadvantaged by the new honour system because we only have 1 vote. Previously, most people would recognise that I deserved a +1 too, so in this example, vayne and I would both get honour. It's just a bit frustrating that enchanter supports are often the unsung hero and the new honour system just makes that worse, and makes a little less rewarding to play than play maker or mage supports. I have a 70%-80% win rate, which suggests that I do 'carry' a significant number of my games but I'm not collecting the honour points I used to, because they all go to the person that I enabled.
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