I don't think I will play League for a long time now

This is gonna be a "I'm gonna quit LoL" post,ignore if you are not interested. Now that that's out of the way. Let me get to the point. I will be quitting LoL for a while. I will come back after Riot fixes this game. Or maybe for a match or two to test out the buffed Yorick. Anyways. I'm gonna tell you why,I will keep it short,straight to the point and understandable. **GAMEPLAY:** LoL was supposed to be a Moba game right? Then why does it feel like a fighter game where every character has a bullshit move with low CD that dealts one third of your health? Riot I understand you want to keep the ADHD 12-17 years old fanbase happy by keeping everything fast paced and quick. I understand that you need to keep the matches short so the players in Korea pc cafes can play faster. I know you don't care about the casual players,oh no. You want to keep your business good because you know how much "Eastern" players love this game. You intenionally overtune certain champs to favor skin releases or to spice things up. Recent Vayne buffs are a clear evidence of that. I read a few things about the champion URF. You said in the past you didn't release him because he was going to be too broken. It is very clear that we are not talking to the same Riot Games back from them. Back when you guys clearly didn't have Chinease puppet masters controlling you. If that was the case you wouldn't have released these {{champion:142}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:51}} abominations. The game is balanced around nothing. It's in chaos. Tanks are useless because every goddamn champion has easy access to true damage. Everyone can oneshot someone else around 20 mins. Moba fights are not about unloading every spell you have to someone to kill them in less than 3 seconds. It's about tactically using them,calculation and prediction. Where is any of that when an Assassin Kayn just does WQ to oneshot a squishy champion? Don't get me started on assassins. It's okay if a class is designed specifically to kill another class. But the issue is,if all they can do is kill someone,they shouldn't be rewarded for failing that. Too many items have CDR,it turns SR games into URF at some point. You failed to kill that Sivir as Zed? It's okay,wait 9 seconds for your spells to recharge so you can WWQAA her again. Same thing applies for mages too,but atleast most mages are not mobile so you can punish them. But almost all of the Assassins has some bullshit mobility spell to take them to safety. You should be oneshot just because you are an average amount of health. Assassins should kill,but not so safely and easiely. **REWORKS:** Look Riot I understand your reason for doing reworks. Game changes but some champs don't age well,so you need to "modernize them". By modernize,I mean completely remove what made them that champion,give them some stupid gimmick and make them be an entirely different champion. You rip out the souls of reworked champions,completely change their kits and force their mains to adapt. Adapt to a completely different champion with the same name. {{champion:3}} this guy's name is not Galio. His name is RoA for Brains. Galio was a weird champ. This guy is not,he's a soulless husk with a bland personality,that oneshots people after 2 items and pretends to be a tanky protector. Just remove his W and R,they don't fit what he does. {{champion:20}} Is this a kids game or not Riot? %%%%ing decide. We got enough Disney characters running around. {{champion:84}} Old Akali was stupid. This is worse but takes more skill. You don't need to make a groundbreaking new mechanic on every champion release Riot. True stealth,insane mobility,insane sustain and damage. Edgy bland personality. Weeaboos loves these types of characters. {{champion:266}} I didn't enjoy the old Aatrox,but I know alot of people did. The release was terrible,now he's overtuned and you had to nerf him. His play style was gutted. Drain AA champ turned into a hack and slash wannabe in a moba game,damn shame {{champion:39}} Nothing that hasn't been said. **LORE** It's straight up dumpster fire at this point alright? "We can't create champions becausethey wouldn't have a reason to join the Summoners!". Then stop %%%%ing designing it that way. You can desing all this shit but can't desing champions around that point? Is this a joke? Welp,let's pass that. If the summoners were scrapped,why is the main map still called summoner's rift? Why do summoner spells skill exist? a few champs still call us summoners. Can't you lazy people stop working on that next Ahri skin and do something about this inconsistency? It's shameful really. It shows what you care about and don't. Riot doesn't care about consistency. THEY SOLVE PROBLEMS BY MAKE BIGGER PROBLEMS THAT OVERSHADOW IT. The new lore sucks. I stopped reading after Irelia because of just how mind numbingly cringe and boring it is. I bet there were fanfiction writing 40 year old women were in charge of this. **THE CLIENT** Every update I see people complaining about being stuck in loading screens. My PC is very good but I get 20 second long fps drops for no reason. The servers are garbage,the client is unstable and slow. **MISC.** These are personal things,not to be taken seriously. It's stupid that your champion becomes useless after reaching high elo.{{champion:53}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:240}} It's stupid that melee champions are offered no help against ranged champions on toplane. It's stupid that AP champs don't have alot of choices against AD champs,but the AD champs have alot of choices against AP champs. It's stupid that you are more likely to get banned for hurting someone's feelings rather than trolling and inting. It's stupid that a shitty music video like K/DA got so many views and attention. I had to watch the video 5 times because I geniuenly tried to understand what was so good about it. It just shows how many horny teenagers are playing this game to look at your female characters wearing half naked clothing. It's stupid that you release awful golden colored chromas called "prestige skins" and your "majorily Eastern" players open their wallets. Why are you paying so much for a glorified color change? Recent skins are completely uninteresting. You keep releasing skins on existing themes. Coven was a nice change,make new lines but don't milk them. It's pathetic that you lie to yourself saying "we listen to players". If you did Yasuo and Zoe wouldn't still be here. It's stupid that so many champions have true damage now. It used to be a rare thing,now everyone can use it. It's stupid that if your champion doesn't have a bullshit gimmick they are useless {{champion:83}} It's stupid that you lie to players saying you are about game balance,while you cleary don't and want constant action and change. This might be hypocritical. But it's stupid that some complex champions are able to be outperformed by easier champions. All the recent champions are just edgy,clicle or stereotypical. I find myself muting the voice whenever I play {{champion:498}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:145}} It's all stupid. I won't force myself to enjoy another minute of this dreadful game. LoL was fun for me,it truly was. I learned some valuable lessons playing this game. I must have played for 4 years now. I joined back at the 2015 snowdown event I guess. Maybe I'll play a couple of games when they finally buff Yorick. I only played League for Yorick for a few months. That absolutely amazing skin I bought for Ahri(star guardian) is probably the last thing keeping me attached to the game besides Yorick. Well,farewell dear reader,if you truly read to this point you are a very patient person for reading me vent out my frustration. It's ok if you think I'll comeback to play 5 more games this week. I might if Riot coincidentally fixes the game or changes Yorick. But as for now,the game finished uninstalling as I was typing the Lore section. Riot might read this,but they won't do anything. The ones that roam the boards are powerless to do what the players want. If they do,they'll get farted on their faces and have their balls fondled by their superiors won't they? Farewell. {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
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