I don't get the logic behind differently priced runes and champions /riot?/

Sure for champions you can say that lower priced champions take more skill to play but then lee sin should be the highest price champion in game and he is not . . . And i don't get why some runes are on 'sale' and they are called basic ones when HP is way more versatile than armor especially for new player who has no idea what match up is he going into. Adding on top of that even runes in same 'tier' are not priced all the same some cost 120 some cost 820 or 840 w/e i get quints being priceyer than others as they add more stats but realistically it's supposed to be your choice what runes you wan to run based on your theory crafting not what is general or w/e they want to sell idea by same goes for champions you should be able to get champion you want form all not have to farm more for some than others... there is no sense in this i get that skins are different prices not all of them look feel or have same particles etc. but what could be reasoning that ? None can rly convince me that pantheon or leona are 2 tiers above skill requirement of let's say kyle or annie. . .
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