Tips on who to main?

I have all champions in the game, yet I cant find one that fits my playstyle, I always get bored after about 2-3 games in a row with that champion, like I have prefered champions in prefered roles that I switch between, but I want one, that I could always get back into, or play about 80% of the games with, anyways, im pretty flexible of what I can play, I like mobility, aswell as tank, I enjoy midlane or jungle, and mages works well with me, I really cant find any champ with a kit that suits me, that makes me thing oh yeah this is the one... My most prefered champions is: top: Malphite, Jungle: Lee/Heca/Trundle, mid: Yasuo, Fizz, TF, Xerath, Karma adc: Cait/Ezreal, support: Morg/Thresh, so see if u can draw a conclusion about what I like. Im also not a metaslave, I play what I feel like atm, and I do not follow what is op so ye Edit: My playstyle is mostly based on farming, and waiting for ganks. I, for the most part do not play agressively, depends on the champion, but ye, with most champions, I trade a little, but focus on farming only, so when I go back, I can get an item, and start roaming Also u guys came up with some champions that I already kind of like, and enjoy playing: Zilean, Ryze, Karma, Veigar, Sejuani Thanks alot! I will definitely play them a few games. BTW, requirements for a tank champion, is to be able to fuck up a team as much as possible.
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