Ray - machine guner

I just had idea that I wanted to share. It is ADC or Fighter. Ray uses big ass machine gun and has following things. He is ex military who knew Lucian before his story on summoner rift. Passive: longer he is firing at target he gains more attack speed Plasma burst = in the middle of Big machine is plasma tube that fires plasma trail and burns everything on the path Heavy shell = fires burst of fire increasing his armor penetration for 2 seconds Adrenaline rush = gives a adrenaline to himself - increasing his movement speed, armor and magic resist but lowering health Madman = Ray enters a stage where he gains high attack speed, lowers CD of other spells and gains 10% life steal. After 5 seconds his ult goes on cd and he gains movement speed, loses 2% of health over 5 sec It definitely needs some polishing but here is some new idea. Br, Barbarossa
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