Why do i lose games because of one lane?

I'm really getting tired of winning my lane , destroying enemy bot lane but losing at the end bcs my lux(in this case ) decided to feed wukong on mid lane. surely, i get it , wukong is broken now but still i feel bad about it . malphite was doing good on top vs gnar me(morgana) and brand killed it on bot lane. enemy caitlyn 0/6. jungle wasnt the best but he was ok. 4 lanes goin good, bot lane is really good, pushin and getting towers.(no rotation in silver 2 though, every time i mention that, people give me question marks ) YET only 1 man, wukong carries the whole freaking game. when he's so fed, others manage to rack up some kills too meaning we lose obviously. why do i feel like that my gameplay has no impact whatsoever ???? why do i feel like that even if i had ADC instead of brand i would still lose? can anyone answer this? there is no counterplay to fed invisible champs. :(
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