Negative score to win! Is this strategy viable?

Okay so i don´t know if this is common knowledge and i´m just a bronze scrub who only just now realized it but: i recently had sucess with a strategy i like to call "the worthless". So if a player is on a dying spree they are worth way less gold (down to 50gold i think?), making it much less rewarding to kill them. If they get kills their bounty goes up again + shutdown gold. Now while i am playing tanks (not fighters or juggernauts,real tanks) i´ve been telling my teammates to steal as many kills from me as they can. This way the gold gets focused on carries and i don´t become worth more after my deaths which means if i sacrifice myself to save an ally the enemy gets way less gold. I do this as tank because tank items are much cheaper than damage items and tanks are a threat even if they dont have that many items due to their CC and engages. Again i don´t know if this is a regular practise and im just to blind to see it but could you tell me your opinion to this strategy? _as a sitenote doing this also resulted in a much better playing environment. If i tell my teammates about my plans about sacrificing me for them they are usually pretty thankfull and much friendlier than other times_
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