The biggest problem with low ELO people is THIS . You know this is true.

I've been stuck in bronze 1 for a while until I found my Niche and started climbing fast. within 6-7 games I went from Bronze 1 0 LP to Silver 4 . By just playing Jungle. I've had around 100 games in Bronze 1. This is what I've found out Beyond the throwing , and the raging and the trolling and the quitting This is the biggest problem low elo players have. **Refusing to listen** I've seen this happen dozens of times . DOZENS of times. People play **against** **{{champion:238}} ** , or** {{champion:39}}** as an AP assassin , or Mage. Or they play **against** **{{champion:17}}** as a melee champ like {{champion:266}} or {{champion:75}} . Maybe they'll die at 6 or 7 minutes. And Zed gets a lead. Now , Listen here for a bit. **I get it.** There is a reason {{champion:238}} is an S tier champion , and you playing a mage against him puts you at a disadvantage. But no matter how many times you tell them **" Rush {{item:3157}} , Rush {{item:3157}} , Rush {{item:3157}} "** They won't listen , they will continue dying , and building towards items like {{item:3041}} or {{item:3146}} that are NOT helping them resolve their problem And the excuse is **" I need my items , I can't build {{item:3157}} " ** But {{item:3157}} IS one of your items . Lux mid ? {{item:3157}}. Katarina ? {{item:3157}}. Veigar? {{item:3157}}. Just the fact that you have it makes {{champion:238}} think twice before jumping on you under turret. It's like countries having nuclear weapons . **It's a deterrent. ** Or you know , You're playing {{champion:75}} and enemy picks {{champion:17}} . **Like I get it , It sucks big time** But Just %%%%ing get {{item:3065}} , or {{item:3194}} . It's in your build path. And {{item:3065}} is in your core items. People in low ELO don't know , don't care , and even worse , **don't want to know** I am not going to ask for you guys opinion because something tells me I am right. Has anyone had similar experience with this ?
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