My experience in europe west

So i finally hit masters in eune 2 or 3 days ago with high enough mmr where's i was constantly being matched with challenger 300-500 lp (d1-masters included). Average match mmr was going back and forth around 2300-2500. I have a decent 62% win rate as an otp renekton. I've decided to try out europe west (this wasn't my first time) but in a serious manner it was( i transferred my main account ) So my first impression after playing the decisive provisional game (got placed in p1) was that the mmr remained the same with eune's mmr something that i suppose was to help me climb faster by gaining more lp than normally (35ish) The second impression was that indeed masters-challengers in europe west are extremely competent players as it became very hard for me to find and punish mistakes during the laning phase. More mistakes were available to take advantage of during grouping up The third impression after a 3 loss streak (10 first games) was me entering a champion select and just after 30 secs our jungler posted an link (my ign) while pointing out to our team that i was tilted and someone should dodge the game (something that actually tilted me). There goes the 4th consecutive loss (admittedly i singlehandedly lost the game) but that was only the beginning of the mocking as from that match and thereafter my ign was featured in every single champion select. I found their stance overbearing as i was being constantly treated as if i was going to insta-lose the lane and eventually the game. Either way, i eventually gave up, ending my euwest trial with a staggering 4w 11l and returned back to eune again. My conclusion is that the skill level is visually higher but the attitude is x10 as horrid as it is in eune.
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