Riot please stop with the unexplainable and annoying nerfs

nerf lucian , yes he is strong but he is as strong as ALL THE OTHER ADCS, do you want people to stop playing lucian again like you did last season? lets be real you are gonna keep nerfing him until no one plays him , i mean why did u even release a champ that you nerf all the time,no one even complained about lucian. About mordekaiser now , yep last season he was a beast but now that you turned all the other adcs into monsters ( since the AD aspect of the season and the recent nerfs of morde) Mordekaiser was not that strong anymore , yet you still nerfed him Shiv 30-100 really now is that a joke? from lvl 1 to 18 it gets only 70 bonus damage? lets not forget that its magic damage and a big portion of it gets resisted. Blade of the ruined king nerf : almost no one picks up this item anymore , except kalista , yeap really good job on that u rendered a really good item completely useless Upcoming nerfs PBE: Soraka : buffed a bit , nerfed A LOT. Okay i know soraka is no fun to lane against but if people actually used their brains to try and poke HER instead of the adc things would go way better for them Brand: You nerf brand manacost aight , since you removed mp pots this one is pretty harsh Anivia: even more sad literally what are you even thinking nerfing anivia Swain:same as the last 2 skarner: ye he WAS strong or maybe way too strong , but since the new season he is just a mid-tier jungler and now i just saw this: Empalement AD ratio reduced to 0.4 from 1.0 (60% NERF lol) Twisted fate: probably one of the hardest champs especially for mid-low elo players Seriously the worst nerfs in LoL history, its getting too annoying, The last few patches of season 5 were pretty cool and now i see such mean nerfs.Especially those nerfs i just mentioned are pretty unexplainable , you nerf champions that have low pick rate to do what? to make people ignore them even more?Its been months since i last saw anivia or swain in one of my games and now you go ahead and nerf her LOL for what purpose? seems like the game is focused mostly on higher-elo players and it seems like mid-lower elo players are kinda getting the cold shoulder. (for anyone wondering i was plat Last season)
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