Deserved elo

And this happen when you reach elo you deserve mm fault ? riot fault ? trolls fault ? feeders fault ? NOPE In the games you progressed like my case from silver 4 to gold, all the above existed, still I progressed, now I don't, why ? simple because I can't make the difference anymore despite those inconvenience... If you are true with yourself you will know after many divisions progress where you got trolls, feeders, afk, toxicity, but still climb when you finally reach the moment when you win, lose, win, lose, win, lose, even if you feel those are the cause they are not, it's just YOU! you need to analyze yourself and learn the game better, or be mechanical better or all depends where you are weak. Stop searching for blame in statistics, in your team, in riot, in champions nerfs/buffs, in champion balance, in champion win rate. You are the reason! ****************** Are the losing games with teams that trow, whine, feed, stubborn, stupid, illogical, unfun ? SURE, but are not the reason you don't climb. I got mad many times in those lost games today ? SURE, in some games team just plain throw the games ? SURE, so that's the reason I didn't climb ? NO, why ? BECAUSE all this things happened in past also but I manage to make the difference, now I can't here is my deserved elo! ****************** hf {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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