Almost Zero Impact

Hey people, I play league of legends since season 1. I've ended couple times as platina, then gold and last season as diamond. Recently I feel like i have no impact on game. I play mainly top lane. Every game is so random, about which lane stomps harder the other lane and if that happens, that team have auto win. I mean I have sometimes a game where i totally stomp enemy laner, destroy whole enemy team and that's basically a game where I have an impact. And then, there are like 90% of games, where I win basically on which team have more trolls feeders or brain dead players. I mean today, 3 times I have won my lane, helped kill enemy jungler made some good roams, but in the end I was like alone in team fights who actually didnt focus tank or whatever. I can't solo carry a game at all it's impossible, and it was less impossible couple seasons ago. Now I have so many games where I win my lane but im not extremely overfed but my team manage to do that to enemies somewhere else. I'm frustrated I have bad games from start like 1 out of 10 games, and then, there are games where i did well but loosing thanks to my team basically. I miss the times when I could more solo carry my team or at least had more impact on every game.
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