Real talk about BE

Let's be honest here it's not a problem that we don't get BE every game and we only get it on lvl up what the real problem is the big rng part of BE rewards from lvling up you don't know what you will get you might get 450BE champs that you don't want over and over on your way to 30 while someone else might keep getting 6300BE champs that they want which is really unfair. someone might get enough champs for ranked on a smurf when they hit 30 while others would have to lvl to 31+ etc which is what i think can be a bit unfair i rather have some of the rng removed by giving ppl a flat amount of BE when you get a low BE champion to make it a more stable reliable BE amount then having it be rng dependent while lvling. now after 30 you get multiple champions where as when you lvl you only get one so it might be harder to balanced it after 30 but it would be nice to see a bit less rng and a bit more reliability. that is just imo i'm not bothered by the amount we get atm but about the rng in it {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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