[Kinda salty] Singed was forced out of the high elo with the recent changes.

Singed mains can no longer proxy at all because you'd have to stay so close to the minions so you don't lose them, then your lane opponent would either come and you'd have to run and leave the minions or stay close to the minions and die. it's a lose-lose situation and this all happened because of the minion aggro changes from 3-4 patches ago. He's literally unplayable and doesn't work in any elo higher than Diamond 4. Not to mention how much the denial of potions + flask hurt him. Riot please if you want to change how to game works don't hurt the champs that already have bad position in the meta. Also your "Buffs" doesn't help him in any way if hes already crushed in the lane and doesn't have any pressure in the game.
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