How is vayne a "fun" champion?

Just an honest question. Every game i'm in always plays out in either of these 2 ways: 1. Vayne goes totally apeshit and destroys everyone on her own. 2. Vayne gets utterly destroyed herself and it becomes a 5v4. It seems, and feels to me like there is no in-between with this champion. Games with Vayne are ruined just by her being in it. I always ban Vayne, but as soon as i don't get to ban she's 100% pick (be it ally or opponent). **Edit:** It seems like i'm being misunderstood. This is not a rant about Vayne being OP, it's about Vayne taking the fun out of a game because she either snowballs hard when she gets just a little ahead, or gets shut down completely when she gets behind a little. This always turns out in an easy win for either of the teams. I have yet to see an exciting and close game that has a Vayne in it.
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