discuss about 8.11 patch

Hallo there. I think this patch (8.11) affected my gameplay experience very negatively. I play this game for almost 8 years and this is the first time i feel sad and almost frustrated.To begin with, i think soloing baron with a bit fed champ is unexceptable. Getting a guinshoo blade and some lifesteal and baron disappears easily. Baron should feel an objective which requires all the members of a team or almost everyone . I would suggest to buff the damage depending the heroes who attack him or smth like that in order to discourage or not allow them to solo it. Moving on, i feel likethe frequency of adc's death has increased to an enough degree, like 2-3 shot from a master yi which he right clicks or pyke who just one-shot with lethality. In general the survivability of adc's is very hard now. Closing i dont have an opinion about the 3-new items (stormrazor ,essence reaver and ie) for adc core item-build but i feel stormrazor is kinda week for them cause adc depent on kiting and quick basic-attacking rather than w8ing and criting,propably its food for early bad for late.

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