I'm the only thinking that Vayne is unbalanced?

With a season-tank like this I saw a lot of Vayne, and my conclusions are that Vayne is a NOSENSE champ if you know how to play her. Just like Aurelion Sol at him release, but much worse. An example was a game that I played today, where I won my lane so hard (bot) and enemy Vayne was 1/10. About every marksman should do about no dmg (just think of a caitlyn 1/10 with 140 cs at 25 mins about, is pretty useless like a Lucian or Tristana). Well, she get an easy quadra for 1 mistake that we made, then was able to do 2 vs 4 So easly (Vayne-Nami against Jhin ,Thresh, Zac, Jayce) and the game was gone. Remember that I was a Jhin Over-fed. I think Vayne is so unbalanced cause she just have everything that is needed for an adc. High mobility(Too high, Q has about no cd and her mv speed is just insane when she ults), stealth, flat dmg from 2 skills (W;R) cc for counter engage (Is just untouchable with his E for a lot of champs). Ok riot want Vayne is a high mobility adc, but her flat dmg are too damn high. Gains Tons of ad from ult (30 50 70), his W Is just no sense against tanks (That's ok, is an anti-tank adc), but the boost of her Q is over9000. Many times just got oneshotted (for real, {{item:3031}} {{item:3087}} + Q Is 1 hit 1 death on a support like {{champion:37}} {{champion:40}} or on a marksman). With the assassin's reworks RIOT talks a lot about counterplay, but where is the counterplay vs a Vayne on late game? Ok is an hypercarry, but that make the game really frustrating and for sure not fair. My elo is Plat V and I'm matched with Gold-Plat-Diamond Vayne win rate is about 53% and 30% ban rate. I think the time for thinking about Marksmans has come RIOT! I'm not raging, just want to share my opinion with this community. :D {{item:3070}} {{champion:67}} {{item:3070}} Please tell me your opinion !
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