Catch up mechanic to combat snowballing

I'm finding that almost every single game is either a complete stomp of the other team, or we get destroyed. Games have not been close at all, it just feels like slowly strangling the other team. In my opinion, it's not fun to have such a decisive victory over the other team, where it's essentially decided at 15 minutes. If anything I'd rather be on the losing team, so at least the odds are not stacked in our favour and there is something to work for (although this means you have to put up with people crying and spamming surrender every 5 minutes). I don't really understand what it is that causes such heavy snowballing, but Riot should perhaps implement something that gives more gold per minute to a team that is very behind (let's say a deficit of 5000 team gold, for example), purely to make the game more interesting and more competitive.
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