Make URF great again

Hi :D Most of the players that played the AR URF game mode also played the original URF where it wasn't so random. From the general public feedback that isn't that hard to find, I have gathered that the AR part of URf isn't that fun which was the main part of this mode, Fun. Now with the 10 ban system in place for ranked or normal draft, wouldn't it be great to make URF blind pick again with the 10 ban system. Think about it, everyone would get a chance to ban 1 champ which they despise and not only that, they would get to choose the champion they want to play just like old times. and before anyone says "Oh well all random urf brings more variety and makes sure there are less repetitive games with people which main one champ." To be honest, I along side many other players would prefer to have a choice who we play and if that means that we have to play against the same champions in every game, then so be it. Or it would at least be a good idea to let people make a custom URF game where everyone can choose, people would make open lobbies or invite others through forums as I am sure there are a lot of people which enjoy this game mode just as much if not more than I do. That is all from me, I'll just leave this to the people to comment their opinions. Riot pls.
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