Fixing the inconsistency

Is it possible, to make some pretty big changes to this game? Like 1. Reworking the champions with unhealthy kits, like Yi/Yasuo. 2. Stop buffing the champions that are already strong, like Vayne...and stop nerfing the champions that don't need nerfs xD 3. A hard punishment for trolls/feeders (like -50LP instead of -17/-20) 4. Stop releasing champions with overloaded kits, the game was more enjoyable in the first seasons when there weren't so many champions with dashes 5. Balance the game already xD I dont know if its just me, but it feels like its too much dmg 6.The matchmaking, most of the time...its just awful. A lot of one sided games, its not enjoyable even if you win And something that is not really important, but I will love to get more events like Demacia vs Noxus, or smth that will involve the lore. And we know that you do most of the changes for really high elo/pro play, but it would be really nice to do some polls for everyone, maybe weekly/monthly, where we can decide if we want smth or not...because at the end of the day, you get most of the money from players that are bronze-plat ^_^ so giving us a chance to have even the smallest impact on some choices, will be really great. I talk about things like choosing the next Tristana skin, things like that (but more often) it makes us feel like we matter to this game and you dont see us only like walking wallets.
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