ADVICE NEEDED (How to Dodge Effectively)?

Hello, soo I recently stumbled upon a few threads and videos of people who claim that they have MASSIVELY increased the effectiveness of the time they put into playing ranked games by dodging several games , until they get into a game that they decide is worth playing (which they usually win). Now what this does is effectively protect your mmr indefinitely, because whilst queue dodging does remove LP, it has no impact on your Mmr. And since they have developed a good strategy of "when to dodge", basically the only games they play, are the ones they win. (Or atleast 90% of the games that they play they win due to them being good AND consistently having no trolls , auto fills and inexperienced players). Hence their mmr JUST gets higher, because most of the games they would lose they just dodge and play on a smurf or do something else. Due to this , they can climb much faster in the same amount of time they usually put in the game. Now i know dodging is an essential part of a good climb, so the act of dodging is not unfamiliar to me, however its WHEN TO DODGE that interests me. I have read a few guides and tried to use the dodging method where you multi search your team on, however it seemed like almost every single game i queue up is dodge worthy. Either i get like off roled players on 2 important roles (Like AD or JG). Or i get a MID main that randomly decided that its a good idea to lock in Talon , even dough he has like 1 talon game in the past 30 days and 70 veigar games. So i usually dodge like 2 games, and then get annoyed by having to dodge the third one, so i play, even doe i know my Kayn jungle has not played kayn ONCE in his past 40 ranked games. And of course kayn goes HORRIBLY behind , compared to the enemy kha zix, and then shit goes sideways for most of my lanes due to the lack of jungle pressure etc etc... and i lose :D. Now i don't have a bad win rate in general, I am a {{champion:114}} OTP and i hover at around 55 - 65 % win rate, but i do spend a lot of time on this game , and i would like to improve that. So I am hoping there is someone on here that is experienced in queue dodging that could give me some advice about the criteria of dodging games , or more simply , someone who could tell me their secret of WHEN to dodge. My games are usually hovering around D5 and P3 elo. Thank you in Advance my friends! PS. If you don't really have any REAL experience in queue dodging , please refrain from writing tips that you "think" are good based on what you heard , because i will most likely be trying out the advice that people give me here , so if i get bad ones it could backlash on my MMR.
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