Supports & the Champion Mastery System

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The mastery system introduced this season is very nice and gives people a little extra to play for. Yet, I think I am far from alone in believing that (even with all the rough edges still in this system) finding a way to let supports get decent ratings for their games is a number one priority. I made a little compilation to show the problem more clearly: you can be 8/1/10 and do equal damage to your adc, your whole team will land S(+), and you will get an A for trying. Moreover, on some supports it is almost impossible to get an S, leading to people playing Janna top-lane and just farming, because that **does** give you an S-rating. And last but certainly not least: since the system uses kills and farm to measure performance, **stealing** those from your adc/team actually gives you a **better rating**! World in reverse. [Attached]( is just some of my games lately. (Not to brag, and yes, I did take a loss or so out. It is just to show non-support players the problem.) Do note these are won games (some even by a very big margin). If they lose a game, supports will likely drop down into C/D categories, even if they played quite alright. Hoping together we can generate some attention here and get Rito to think about it.
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