What the hell is this malphite armor?

Riot are you out of your mind? Tanks are already overpowered with only 150-200 armor, but this %%%%ing guy is getting close to **800 ARMOR**. are you kidding me? I play wukong with standard armor pen items, and i dont deal ANY DAMAGE AT ALL to this guy. I jump at the enemy Jhin and just 1 shot him with q and e, meanwhile when I try to fight malphite with a full combo of e q r + electrocute + duskblade, i wasnt even able to BREAK THROUGH HIS SHIELD MAN. are you joking??? of course he still deals shittons of damage and almost kills me https://i.imgur.com/SdRNqs0.png EDIT: Yeah i did some calculations. Basically the whole damage system is WRONG. I only dealt HALF of the damage that I should have been dealing to him. 457 armor vs 399 damage ult per second should deal 71, but I looked in slow mo how his health went down, and it was only 37 DAMAGE!! I always thought that there was something wrong with the tanks, and now I know why. Im robbed off half my damage against an enemy who has 800 armor
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