Sivir AA VGU

Hi mates, Just wondering why Sivir does not have aa update? She is using some kind of chakram weapon (for those who don't know its like frisbee but sharp :) ) You know when you watch her aa.... god damn.... what is that she is throwing while still having her weapon in hand? Kind of weird. Her aa should have work a bit more chakramishhhhh :). After hiting minion or enemy or anything you can hit it should return to her before she can aa again. It would be more logical. Ofc her chakram comback speed should be much faster then her throwing speed so she can aa properly. Well this could ofc mean that when she is using her Q or W she can't aa. You can't aa while your weapon is somewhere out there in Teemose face :) This would be good time to rethink her Q and W as well and make it in one skill perhaps? Still working like her Q but additionally when she targets her Q and it is on a collision with terrain or champion it could rebound few times (remember angles ofc :) ) for as long as 2-3 s before returning to her. Maybe it could charge like Varus Q giving it more time to rebound... This could get her edge against champions like Braum with his shield to bypass him or just sick plays :3 And don't forget that with this change there will be free W for yet another skill for her :) Dunno I'm not smart enough, I'm not playing Sivir also.... damn I hardly play any adc/marksman at all :) but this kind of aa nuance is making me sad... It would be nice to see more logic in it :) What do you think about it? I think that Riot would be able to do that with all their skills. Sincere Ravnir
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