Hextech Crafting and Mastery - Frequently Asked Questions

Hextech Crafting Basics

How do I earn a hextech crafting chest?

How do I earn hextech keys?

In what game modes can I earn chests and keys?

What are essences?

Can I get content that was just added to the store? I like new stuff!

I just opened a chest and got something I already own - what gives?

Champion Mastery and Tokens

How do I earn champion mastery up to level 5?

What are Champion Mastery Tokens, and in what modes can I earn them?

How do I earn champion mastery level 6?

How do I earn champion mastery level 7?

How do I earn S Ranks?

Behavioural Restrictions and Other Queries

It says I'm ineligible to earn loot, but my punishment finished - is my account bugged?

I'm not earning hextech keys any more, is the system broken?

What are the key drop rate percentages?

Is there a limit to how many keys I can earn?

How do I earn hextech Annie?

Can I earn Legacy and Limited skins from Hextech Crafting?

What happens if I already own all champions?

How do I earn essences?

What's the difference between a champion shard and champion permanent?

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(Huge thanks to SeekerK for this initially!)

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Hextech Crafting Restrictions Information - By Player Support

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